ACM SZABIST Student Chapter presents to you a sequal of WordPress for Dummies, a free of cost hands-on workshop which aims to teach you making websites, blogs, e-stores etc in a matter of few clicks.

There is something for everyone in it, those who did attend it last time will find a flow and learn advance topics and those who’ll attend it for the first time will not be left behind because we have a brief recap for them too. WordPress is an original production of Mr. Matt Mullenweg who licensed it to the GNU project in 2003. The software is powered by PHP and MySQL and is best known for its Content Management System (CMS). It has remarkable features such as choosing between different themes (i.e. the look of the webpage), several handy plugins (i.e. giving users the ability to develop and extend the functionalities of the software), fancy widgets (i.e. drag-and-drop content sidebars for ease of use) and multi-blogging. Furthermore, WordPress has a Web Template System (WTS) which is what is required to make all the written material to appear on the internet.

Hence, it would be our pleasure to cordially invite all interested individuals to attend this seminar which will take place on Tuesday (17th January 2012) from 2pm to 5pm in Lab 1 & 2, 90 Campus, SZABIST. We are anticipating for your arrival.


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