An event presented to you all by ACM; the Association for Computing Machinery. This mega event will introduce the audience to the latest technology in mobile gadgetry. It will explore fascinating ideas dealing with the brand new “iPhone” Operating System (iOS), Android and Windows Phone development programs. Much like a professional forum, the conference will be a 9 hour session, providing a detailed look at all three innovations (2-3 hours each with a refreshment break in between each topic).


The ‘iPhone’ Operating System (iOS) is the original operating system created by the ‘Apple’ Corporation. It’s initial functionality only supported the ‘iPhone’, however it also supports other Apple products such as the iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV etc. Within the last few months of the year 201o, the Operation System (OS) had a incredible 26% OS market share and it doesn’t end there as it continues to grab more and more consumers towards it through it’s ease of use and amazingly unique applications. Therefore, we are planning on bringing this technology to all the participates through an in-depth seminar.

The Android Operating System is the ‘it’ thing for almost every newest smartphone and tablet computers. It was originally designed by Android Inc. but later sold to the Google company in 2005.¬† It consists of a Linux Kernel hence works efficiently and has minimal security threats. Much like the iOS, it also has several user-friendly applications that clients can easily operate. The following OS was labeled as the best-selling smartphone platform throughout the world in Q4 2010 by ‘Canalys’. For these reasons, we thought of exploring this fantastic gizmo as well.

Lastly, the Windows Phone Operating System which was formerly known as the Windows Phone 7 series, is the OS for mobiles which was developed by the ‘Microsoft’ Corporations. It is essentially made to cater to the consumer market rather than the enterprise market.With this OS, Microsoft has managed to offer a more accessible¬† user interface with its design language called Metro. This language helps integrating the operating system with any third party or other Microsoft services. In addition it also controls the hardware it runs on. Well, to us, that is a brilliant achievement for Microsoft which inspires us to bring the creation to the audience for their analyses and observations. It will prove to be as great as it seems to be.

The SMDC 2011 will be held on 16th October 2011 which is a tentative date at this point in time and we, at ACM, request your presence there. Hope to see you and help you learn more about computing machinery. After all, that is what our foremost aim is.