Coding might not be very interesting for many. However, creating software is what has made the technological evolution possible. The biggest example is of the internet, because at the end of the day the Internet is still all about software and coding. To celebrate the importance of software engineering, ACM SZABIST brings to you an exhibition showcasing the software projects of the 6th Semester BS Computing students. There are variety of projects and unique ideas which will not only create the awareness of the power of coding but also surprise many of the kind of talent available at SZABIST. The talent is there but it just needs to be found and recognized. That is exactly what we are doing. So do come to recognize the talent and be amazed with the remarkable work done by the 6th semester students. Please appreciate the efforts of these students by coming to the exhibition on the 16th April 2011 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in Media Studio at 100 Clifton, SZABIST. Looking forward to see you all!

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