FIFA Gaming – SZABIST Extravaganza 2.0 (5th April)

ACM SZABIST Student Chapter brings you FIFA Gaming at the SZABIST Extravaganza 2.0!

So for all the crazy football lovers, here is a chance for you to show your skills in FIFA on a PS3 Console.
This one-on-one knock-out tournament can get you to Win yourself an Original Football!

Register now at:
(Limited Registrations: only the first 16 people to register will be entered in the competition).

Registration Fee: Rs300 per person

Last Date to Register: 1st April

Counter Strike gaming – SZABIST extravaganza 2.0 (4th-5th April)

ACM SZABIST Student Chapter brings you CounterStrike Gaming at the SZABIST Extravaganza 2.0!

Open to all schools and universities, this knock-out tournament will definitely decide who is the master of CounterStrike!

Winners will get get amazing Gaming Gear! So Hurry and register now at:
(limited registrations: only the first 16 teams to register will be entered in the competition)

Registration Fee: Rs1500 per team (5 people)

Last Date for registrations is 1st April.

FYP EXPO – 12th December 2012

The Final year students from the Faculty of Computing, SZABIST participated in the Final Year Project Exhibition 2012 (FYP EXPO 12) that was held at Studio 154 with the collaboration of IEEE and ACM societies. The event itself got much needed attention from the public as it was being schedule on an unusual date of December 12, 2012 (12.12.12). The event was being spread to all corners of SZABIST through the slogan of ‘Curious about 12.12.12’.
From the Traffic sensing project to the marriage proposal website, all these projects brought colors to the Exhibition. There were not only Software projects but the event had numerous Hardware projects that showed the intellectual minds of the students. The main objective of the Exhibition was to showcase the work the students of Final year, they even demonstrated it professionally that impressed their supervisors. Such achievements by the Final year students were greatly admired by the corporate guests from the Information and Communication Technologies sector (ICT).
A tremendous feedback came as the FYP EXPO 2012 was coming to an end; the juniors were amazed to see the skills and hard work from their seniors which for them were a source of inspiration. The administrative body of SZABIST took a great joy by taking interest in the projects as well; President, Vice-President and BS Computing Dean were seen giving their views. Overall, the event went above expectations and proved to be one of the best Exhibition held in recent years at SZABIST.

After Effects WORKSHOP



On the 2nd of November 2012, ACM SZABIST Student Branch for the first time is conducting a workshop on Abode After Effects at SZABIST.

Here at ACM we aim to cater the needs of computing students and after receiving many suggestions, we have decided to carry out a workshop on Adobe After Effects. It will be a free event for the students of SZABIST and the first 50 students to register will be catered. The means for registration is through an online form. The applicants will get a chance to get hands on experience of the software and to assist them along the way we have with us Mr. Zain as the trainer at the workshop, who is currently working for Xipnox. Presently, we have planned for there to be three levels of expertise that the students get to choose from i.e. beginner, intermediate and expert. The trainer would be guiding the applicants on the basis of which level of expertise is chosen by them unanimously.

This is a great opportunity to learn and promote the innovations in the world of computing. Additionally, from these valuable sessions people would learn the fundamentals of new software.

The event will be taking place at SZABIST, Karachi and the session will be held on November 2nd at 03:00 p.m. sharp.

For further details and queries please contact us at

Thanks & Regards,

ACM SZABIST Student Branch ’12

For Registrations :

WordPress for Dummies II

 ACM SZABIST Student Chapter presents to you a sequal of WordPress for Dummies, a free of cost hands-on workshop which aims to teach you making websites, blogs, e-stores etc in a matter of few clicks.

There is something for everyone in it, those who did attend it last time will find a flow and learn advance topics and those who’ll attend it for the first time will not be left behind because we have a brief recap for them too. WordPress is an original production of Mr. Matt Mullenweg who licensed it to the GNU project in 2003. The software is powered by PHP and MySQL and is best known for its Content Management System (CMS). It has remarkable features such as choosing between different themes (i.e. the look of the webpage), several handy plugins (i.e. giving users the ability to develop and extend the functionalities of the software), fancy widgets (i.e. drag-and-drop content sidebars for ease of use) and multi-blogging. Furthermore, WordPress has a Web Template System (WTS) which is what is required to make all the written material to appear on the internet.

Hence, it would be our pleasure to cordially invite all interested individuals to attend this seminar which will take place on Tuesday (17th January 2012) from 2pm to 5pm in Lab 1 & 2, 90 Campus, SZABIST. We are anticipating for your arrival.